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Another year has apparently flown by and we are pleased to bring you, once again, our annual Green issue – with plenty of innovative ideas on how to put principles before profits (page 44).

Looking back over the past 12 months, the biggest environmental news has arguably been Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the White House. For instance, just the night before writing this, the news was reporting how his team used its only appearance at the latest round of United Nations climate talks to promote the apparently absurd concept of ‘clean coal’. I’m no expert, but this sounds like something of a dirty trick – we can only try to guess what his motives are…

On the flipside, I can honestly admit that it has never previously occurred to me just what impact our ubiquitous plastic straws are having on the planet. However, this issue has been publicised so successfully this year that Cornwall has just made a groundbreaking bid to become the first county in Britain to ban them altogether.

Considering they take hundreds of years to decompose and are often disposed of carelessly, it could be a good time for considerate caterers to take responsibility and remove them from the equation altogether regardless. I’m sure us customers will suck it up and somehow learn to get by without them.